Green Tuesday

Almost everyone knows about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You’d have to be living under a rock not to know about them – after all, they’re two of the biggest shopping days of the year. They’re the days when businesses have some of their most lucrative sales and when consumers flock to malls, stores and their computers in order to buy those items they’ve been eying all season. Some people love these “holidays” and eagerly anticipate them. Who wouldn’t enjoy buying electronics at 50% off or stocking up on kitchen appliances that are 75% off? Some people, on the other hand, hate Black Friday or Cyber Monday for various reasons such as crowds or feeling pressured to spend money. After all, it is frustrating to have to push your way through a packed crowd or deal with a slow, potentially jammed internet server. Not to mention there’s so much stress over arriving early to make sure you can buy the products you want.

What is Green Tuesday?

Before you roll your eyes and murmur about another “retail” holiday, you should know that Green Tuesday was created by Green America, a non-profit group who advocates for a cleaner, greener world. Green America tries to encourage people to buy items and gifts from local communities and businesses – and they also ask that you keep the environment in mind when shopping. Green Tuesday is another “retail holiday” in the same vein of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

What are examples of green shopping?

Say you want a new scarf or hat for when the colder weather comes around. Instead of buying one from a chain store that was made overseas, buy one from a local business or co-op. You might be interested in new and exciting dining experiences, so check out gift certificates for local organic or environment friendly restaurants that use local ingredients. You might want to shop for organic toys or at local farmers markets, or you might even want to see what environment friendly products are available for your home.

When is Green Tuesday?

Green Tuesday takes place the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and Green America has suggested that it run throughout the holiday season, ending in December. The day has been a huge hit in the past couple of years. Green America believes that holiday shopping and holiday deals shouldn’t be rushed or stressful, but should instead be done at the shopper’s convenience. Green America’s press releases for Green Tuesday suggest that consumers take their time with holiday shopping and that they should consider buying products that help themselves and the environment.

How is Green Tuesday any different than Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

For one, Green Tuesday is the product of a non-profit organization. Neither Black Friday nor Cyber Monday are organized non-profit organizations. Furthermore, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are practically cultural touchstones in today’s society — though the former has been around for much longer than the latter. Green Tuesday is still fairly new and many people don’t even know about its existence yet. It’s joined the rank of the other new “retail holiday days” — and many stores have started creating their own specific deal days.

Overall, Green Tuesday is an interesting new day that can replace Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping extravaganzas with a focus on environmentally friendly products and leisurely holiday shopping.

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